I’m a terrible blogger

Things are going well, we’ve had a few blips along the way but overall things are great. The kids are all in activities and that leaves very little time for, well, anything. Bells cheered at her first flag football game today, Shy and Boychild are both at the young marines attempting to complete their basic training as they are both still recruits, Biscuit and Bunny are still participating in all star cheer and tumbling, and Lemon does all sorts of random activities but in January she will be able to go to tumbling class alone and she’s definately looking forward to that.

Husband and I have our dates every Wednesday. I’m stupid in love with that man, I get all stupid and giggly when I see him after a long day. He completes me, he supports me, and he loves me unconditionally.

My foster kids, Bells and Shy are absolutely great. They’ve overcome many obstacles and they’re both fighters, I’m proud of both of them as they’re incredibly resilient. Both of tjem have brought up their grades and are doing absolutely astounding in school. Shy has 3 A’s!! He has struggled along the way, I’ve got him in tutoring, a special reading support group, and a homework club…it’s paying off. I’m proud of him! Bells, oh my. She is a stellar student, she’s behind too but she’s pushing forward with a positive and bubbly disposition. I’m always pushing for reunification with bio parents or other family members and I feel excited when they visit their family members. I love to hear the tales they come home to tell us about their day, they’re animated and full of smiles. It makes my heart full. I’m worried that this case isn’t going the way I’d prefer it to go but we will have to wait and see. Keep your fingers crossed, I love these kids and I want what’s best for them. I want them to feel loved, safe, and part of a family more than anything. I want them happy and I’ll fight for them tooth an nail, just like I’d fight for my bio kids.

Navigating the system with all the visits from case workers, therapists, licensing agents, and anyone else who pops in can sometime be frustrating. I sometimes think that they don’t understand the controlled chaos…it’s constantly “Look at me!” or “I need to show you _______!” And of course, all the kids get excited when we have company even if the person has been over a billion times. Sometimes I feel like it’s a burden for these people to come into our home because not much real talk happens. I’m constantly interrupted with questions, comments, tattling, crying, etc. It’s really awesome when they pop in while the kids have a huge pillow/blanket fort built in the living room and it looks like a tribe of Ubangii’s live in my house.

I’m busy but I’m blessed. I love my chaotic life, I love all the hugs, and I love my family. We are weird, we are wild, and we are all happy. THIS is my life.