Thrive, by Level Review

I don’t sell Thrive. This is not a paid review. I have the biggest paragraph ever and I didn’t proofread. TL;DR Thrive is lame and you’re getting ripped off.

Husband and I tried Thrive by Level. It was a series of pills, patches, and protein shakes. It boasted mental clarity and a few other things, we both followed the rules; pop your pills before your feet hit the floor, slap the patch on, and have a shake. Easy peasy. The first few days were as normal as can be, the third day on I could feel a burst of energy after I popped the pills, the husband agreed. It was obvious that the pills we’re a healthier alternative to the standard thermogenic. That’s pretty much the only positive thing I have to report about the Thrive system. The patches wouldn’t stick, I tried everyrhing from rubbing alcohol to different places on my body. While the patches were super cute…they sucked. I didn’t notice a difference with them vs without them. The shake, woof, they were terrible and high in sugar. My conclusion? My mental clarity was not improved, my joints weren’t in better shape, and I hadn’t lost any weight. In addition. Husband and I both stopped energy drinks, caffiene, and alcohol to give it a fair chance. Another positive, aside from the thermogenic by Thrive, is that it helped us drop some nasty habits. We don’t crave energy drinks, caffiene, or beer as much. We’ve stopped Thrive and we still don’t crave those things…so doing this 3 week trial helped us kick a few bad habits. Also, it helped us create our own routine. We take our thermogenics, we put on our vitamin patch, and we still have our protein shakes. We’ve just created our own version, we use Arbonne protein powder (the vanilla is delicious and it’s pretty good for you) and abcocid patches. We still use the Thrive thermogenics because it is a healthier alternative to the standard thermogenic. Instead of paying $170 a month for the Thrive system you can easily spend about $80 and get the same results or better! Also, don’t buy your Thrive things from a rep, you can get a way better deal on ebay. If you want to do the Thrive thing it’s on ebay for $130 with free shipping. One last thing…you can request FREE samples. Do not pay for them. Thrive reps will say that you need to pay…you don’t. People who truly believe in a product will stand behind it and want you to better yourself for FREE, they won’t want to make a buck off of you. Friends don’t do that, just sayin.

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