Kid update! Parent update!

Biscuit raised $500 fundraising for cheer, she bought her own uniform and jacket. I am proud of her! It helped with the financial burden of purchasing two uniforms, two jackets, and paying two competition fees last week. She also got her front tuck! That’s amazing, again I’m beaming with positive mom feelings! It won’t be long before she has her back tuck and we will celebrate. Being in Junior High is suiting her well…she is boy crazy.

Shy is no longer shy! He is funny, outgoing, and clever! He has started showing an interest in girls and participates in EVERYTHING. Shy is patient and kind, he is helpful, and he has come so far. I am proud of him! He started the Young Marines and he wants to become a leader. I can always count on him.

Boychild started the Young Marines, he’s really keen on it. He is excited about the encampments and the gun raffle! Boychild is doing exceptionally well in school and this makes me mega proud. He still has some impulse control issues as well as accountibility problems but that is something we are constantly working on, I hope the Young Marines will help pound positive things into his head.

Bells is doing well too! This girl is making leaps and bounds in the reading department, she was pretty far behind her grade level in most of her school work but she has been joyful during all the extra tutoring and AR reports. Bells started a recreational cheer team and she is a constant positive in our household. She calls me mom sometimes and I don’t mind, she is a good girl and I love her just as I love my own children.

Bunny is not liking Kindergarten so much, she misses me and cries often. She misses nap time too. However, she is doing great and is actually READING! Bunny is doing exceptional in cheer and is currently learning her back handspring. She has a great sense of humor and is a complete showstopper.

Lemon started Preschool, she adores it. I like it too…hello free time! Lemon thinks she is a cheerleader but she still has a little while before she can become a Sonic. Until then she is the biggest supporter of the entire Sonics family.

My babies make me proud, they’re all doing so well. Yes, they get into trouble and make mistakes but they’re learning. They’re kids. Kids learn by example and by guidance…I do my best. I am not perfect and I make mistakes too. I take it one day at a time and sometimes I wing it. Husband and I are doing well, we have our date nights on Wednesdays when the kids go to their youth group. We also have lunch dates during the week. I love that we make time, even with 6 kids in our home, to keep our relationship healthy.

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