Family camping!

We went camping, all 8 of us. Whew, talk about an an event!


We all had a great time! The kids spend endless hours exploring in the woods, they even caught a horny toad. I thoughtfully named him Pedro and released him the day that we had left; despite the pleas of  ‘can we keep him?!’


The kids rode dirt bikes, which was a treat for Bells and Shy as they had never ridden before. They both mastered the skill very quickly and are great riders!


We had chili and cornbread, per Shy’s request and biscuits and gravy per Bells request. It really was a great time! We had one scary moment…Boychild was running back to camp clutching his head and crying, covered in blood. I did my best not to panic, he explained that he was hanging on a branch, goofed up and let go, and hit his head on a rock. Yikes. I cleaned him up just to find a small cut on his head (thank goodness) and a cool story to tell about being a wild boy in the woods.


Don’t judge my crappy manicure, I was not going to get gussied up to go camping. I think tne boys had tne most fun as they had a lot of ground to explore, no one else was around for miles with the exception of Cowboy Bebop…the ranger guy. He was in charge of the cows, he was a herder.


That sums it up! Awesome.

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