I’m not really into fads anymore, but…

I know you’ve all seen it, Facebook flooded with Younique, It Works, Pampered Chef, Avon, and other sell from home stuff. Everyone is talking about how great their product is and how you should try it because it will change your life. But will it? Can you prove it?

Recently a friend of mine started boasting about Thrive. Then another. Then another. Thrive is the new fad, everyone says they feel great while using these Thrive products. Okay, fine. My interest was piqued; the product didn’t boast weight loss, it didn’t boast any magic cure, it pretty much just boasted that you’re going feel better and be blasted with XYZ vitamins, and you’re going to feel healthy. Okay. Whatever.

I did some digging, it looks like another gimmick. BUT, I’m drawn in by the cute skin patches. What can I say? And could all of my friends be lying about how they felt just to get their two people below them to get their products for free? I don’t know. Why lie to get people to sign up with you? Especially if all you’d be getting is free product. They’re all new to it so I doubt the cash perks are enough to make them promote endlessly.

I asked for samples, $20 for 3 days? Are you high? NO. If you believed in your product that you’ve been boasting about, and you want to make a sale, you would be happy to invest in your future client. This is shady. The thing that got me most is that these people are my friends. Red flag. Are my friends trying to rip me off? The short answer…yeah. The longer answer is, they can’t afford to spend money to make money and if that’s the case you’re obviously not sure if your product is worth investing in.

I sought out the product further and got my husband and I six day sample packs and not from anyone one we know because they’ve got shady business practices. We are going to try it out and I’ll let you know if it works. The people who sell this stuff, who believe in it, and are willing to make a sacrifice in order to make someone else’s life better are the real hero’s. My faith has been restored and that’s why we are going to try it. Is it a gimmick? I will let you know. Our samples are in the mail and the person sending them is not a friend, it is a stranger who recently started using the product 2 months ago. Guess how much I had to pay? I think you know the answer.

I will happily buy something that works, but I know something for sure…I will not be buying from my friends.

In addition; I love Pampered Chef, Younique looks cool, and It Works, well, I’m still on the fence about that. Listen, whatever works for YOU is awesome. Just remember you cannot sell anything to ME that you’re not 100% committed too…even if it is a gimmick or fad. Because, let’s be honest I like fad stuff and I’m easily drawn in.

Family camping!

We went camping, all 8 of us. Whew, talk about an an event!


We all had a great time! The kids spend endless hours exploring in the woods, they even caught a horny toad. I thoughtfully named him Pedro and released him the day that we had left; despite the pleas of  ‘can we keep him?!’


The kids rode dirt bikes, which was a treat for Bells and Shy as they had never ridden before. They both mastered the skill very quickly and are great riders!


We had chili and cornbread, per Shy’s request and biscuits and gravy per Bells request. It really was a great time! We had one scary moment…Boychild was running back to camp clutching his head and crying, covered in blood. I did my best not to panic, he explained that he was hanging on a branch, goofed up and let go, and hit his head on a rock. Yikes. I cleaned him up just to find a small cut on his head (thank goodness) and a cool story to tell about being a wild boy in the woods.


Don’t judge my crappy manicure, I was not going to get gussied up to go camping. I think tne boys had tne most fun as they had a lot of ground to explore, no one else was around for miles with the exception of Cowboy Bebop…the ranger guy. He was in charge of the cows, he was a herder.


That sums it up! Awesome.

The ol’ school scramble

Today I bought 6 pairs of school shoes, yes 6, do you know how particular kids can be?! Todays damage was $214.87 THANK YOU Famous Footwear coupon! Oddly enough the boys were WAY more picky than the girls, ‘I need skater shoes…I always ride my skateboard. These DC’S are siiiiiick!’ And ‘I need something cool but not sporty, Nike haha I don’t think so, and not super skate-y…maybe Vans or Converse?’ What is going on here?! When did my boys turn into these individuals?! I though I could just buy some shoes, whatever was on sale and definitely under $50 and everyone would be fine with it. The girls, especially the younger ones, loved everything. They were easy to sway to the sale shoes. Biscuit picked some sandals and has yet to choose some actual shoes, close toed, for the first half of the year. In other shoe news; a sweet sale know as Christmas in July allowed me to buy two pairs of Ugg boots for the youngest girls for under $150. Holla if you love savings!

Now we are onto backpacks…this is a tough one. I’ve bought Bells and Shy theirs…they weren’t too picky and I’ve got Boychild taken care of he loves theĀ  MX stuff. Bunny isn’t sure if she wants to use her Batman backpack or if she wants a new one…this kid is totally struggling with gender roles. Lemon wants a Daniel Tiger backpack but I’m not keen on spending $35 for a prek backpack. I may print out an iron on of Daniel Tiger and get crafty with a DIY project. Biscuit, ugh, Junior High is serious business. Everything is carefully thought out; even folders and backpacks. I’m not ready for this. Also, paying $165 for a backpack is non negotiable…even if it is ‘soooo perfect!!!’ No.

Next we do folders, pencils, glue sticks, binders, and all that crap on the back to school supplies list. I need coupons, people. Where is the best place to buy all of these supplies?! I’ve been seeing people post on Facebook that one child’s supplies in grade school neared $140. Wow. I’m hoping I can do better than that, guide me frugal parents, mama needs a deal.

Cheer. Cheer. Cheer. My girls are at the gym constantly and they love it. I love to see them happy and involved. I never imagined myself to be a cheer mom but it’s a reality. I enjoy the community within the sport, I love watching the girls compete and even more so seeing their coaches while they preform, and I like the lessons the girls learn. What could you possibly learn in cheer?! Humility. Pride. Compassion. Sportsmanship. Seriously, if you can work with a team of cheerleaders you can easily work on Wall Street or rock Harvard without flinching.

As it starts to cool down that means more motocross stuff! Boychild is psyched. He can’t wait to get fast and dirty. I love his enthusiasm, despite the crashes and failures he always pops back up and hits it again. He is confident and strong while he rides and I absolutely love that.

Lemon…she’s happy go lucky and wants to cheer like her sisters. With any luck next year she can do that! Wouldn’t that be amazing?! Three competitive cheerleaders?! Who am I, what’s happening?! Am I a crazy cheer mom?!