All the small things

Bells is super sweet, she tells me she loves me (omg, I love her too) and she draws these beautiful pictures for me. That makes my day, really it does.

Bio dad and I had a civil conversation, yesterday, that’s rare but very much appreciated.

Boychild smothers me with love, kind words, and affection. Sometimes it drives me nuts when he is mega clingy but he sure does show me that his love is fierce.

Bunny is a jokester, she constantly tries to scare me (and has succeeded a few times) and the howl of laughter that ensues is glorious; worth more than gold.

Husband, I love to talk to him. He speaks so eloquently and precise…it’s intoxicating. He is smart and has good ideas…he keeps mentally simulated. 

Lemon, oooh that girl. She is full of Lemonisims and I love it. When your two the world is such an amazing place and when I see her eyes light up, wow, it’s wonderful.

Shy is ridiculously helpful, he is thoughtful too. He’s all about the small things like helping Lemon buckle in her car seat or asking me if I need help with anything.

Biscuit is difficult right now. This tween drama is hard but she is still shining bright in my eyes. This kid is generous and will give, give, give, and give until she’s got nothing left to give. That’s beautiful and admirable.

Praise to the pest control service and the pool service, you guys make my life easier.

A shout out to my social workers, case managers, agencies, courts, and anyone else helping out foster kids and being a positive advocate for at risk youth.

A special thank you to the Big Guy in the Sky; you’re working miracles. Thanks for that.

Last but not least, I’m freaking great. I’m thankful that I’ve got thick skin, a great sense of humor, and a bad ass support group. I feel like I’ve got some serious armor that will protect and guide me in whatever fiasco I’m in. And I am ALWAYS in a fiasco of some type… I am blessed to have the great friends that are true and genuine.

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