I figured this would happen…

My little humans are home! I’m so excited to see them and they’re excited to see me. Reunited, yeah. They’ve been home just about 2 hours and they’ve already told me a few weird things. The first one is from Biscuit; she asked bio dad to get her contact lenses and he said no because he already spent money on her. WTF? Welcome to parenthood, you don’t just get to be the cool dad who takes the kids places and buys them cool things. This pissed me off, I know I shouldn’t bash anyone but it’s preposterous. Bio dad is supposed to pay for health/dental insurance– he does not. Husband and I take care of it because our kids are in high risk sports, cheer and motocross…someone is going to get hurt. It’s cool, Biscuit is onto him. She knows that he is a ‘douch’ (her words not mine) and she has asked me why I let him get away with it. I tell her the truth; it’s not worth it. I remind her that I will always take care of her and make sure she has what she needs and choose not to talk about bio dad because of the age old saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say do not say anything at all.” I also reminded her not to use mean names no matter how hard it is to come up with something more appropriate or creative.

Thing two, Boychild doesn’t want to go to MX camp tomorrow because he said he was gone all week and missed me. He said he doesn’t want to go be without me for another week. While I am flattered; I saw this one coming. I told him we could all go camping in Flagstaff or the Grand Canyon and take his dirt bike so he can experience new terrain and spend lots of time out on his dirt bike.

Thing 3, I am overjoyed that bio dad has a wonderful wife, we will call her V. The kids don’t often, okay fine…never, talk about bio dad or wanting to see him. They do talk about V and how great she is, I feel better about sending the kids to see bio dad because of V. Both Boychild and Bunny have mentioned that they would be scared if bio dad and V had a full time kid because the kids don’t think bio dad would know what to do. I just laughed because they’re half right, LOL.

I’m glad the kids had fun, but it’s back to real life. You know, following the rules, chores, earning privileges, and typical  activities.

Let’s kick in some positive things:
1. The kids had fun.
2. The kids got to spend time with extended family (even if some of them are immature, hypocritical, and ridiculous.)
3. The kids were happy to come home.
4. Hugs, not drugs.

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