What’s your hobby?

People say I’ve got a creepy hobby, I restore American Girl dolls. I suppose it’s only creepy because when you see them headless, without hair and/without eyes, it can look a little spooky. I can make them clothes, I can rewig them, I can tighten loose limbs or replace them, I can repaint make up, and replace eyes. It’s actually pretty easy and I enjoy it for two reasons 1.) I am not paying $50 to send my girls dolls to the American Girl Doll Hospital that’s half the price of a brand new doll! 2.) I love seeing my girls happy. They like to help and when they see the doll that they love look ‘new’ again they shine bright like sunshine.


This one got her hair replaced this afternoon. Seriously, it’s amazing what new hair can do for a doll. It’s cheap and easy, and it looks as good as new. Yes, this doll still has a water stain on it’s torso and a ink pen mark on its eyebrow…but that’s whst makes this doll special. That’s how my girls tell their dolls apart. I could easily remove it but that could be dangerous…

One day, when I’ve got some extra time (once school starts and I stop working so much) I’ll do a tutorial so YOU can fix up your kids doll. It doesn’t have to be an American Girl doll, I suppose most dolls are the same. I know all sorts of tricks to get ink and permanent market off quickly, I’ve got Intel on the best glues to use when rewigging or using wefts of real human hair, and tons of tips to make revamping your doll effortless.

I’ve been experiencing lots of traffic on my blog lately, so hiiii! Just about a thousand people popped in this week to see what is going on with my family. You can email asking questions or letting me know what you’d like to see and I’ll happily oblige.

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