Update, update, read all about it!

Things are hectic as usual, I don’t mind. It’s something you get used to, really it is. Biscuit and Boychild both had doctors appointments scheduled for next Monday but they’ll be out of town all next week. I haven’t had a chance to get Boychild prescriptions filled either, if I can’t get it done tomorrow I suppose the kids bio dad will have to take care of it. Boychild needs dental work done soon. Biscuit has a sports related injury, she hurt her ankle, and she needs a vaccination to enter junior high, meningitis I believe. Bunny is legit, Lemon is legit, Shy is legit, but Bells isn’t. She needs some dental work done…unfortunately she will need to be sedated and I simply cannot fit that type of thing into the schedule until the end of this month or beginning of next month. And to make it even harder I van only schedule on Mondays as I cannot fathom taking 5 kids to sit in a dental office for 5 hours while one kid is getting work done.

Biscuit did not make the 4.2 cheer team she had been psyched about, although she is an alternate she still feels like she can push her way into the team. That kid is hard headed, even after her coach told her point blank that she’s an ‘almost kid’ and won’t be on that team unless someone drops…she is still persistent. I don’t care which team(s) she is on, I want her happy. I want her to be the best she can be and I’ll always respect her for not taking no as an answer. Wait. That sounded sorta rapey.  You get what what I mean, right? I like that she is a fighter, her own advocate, and she is trying to get what she wants.

Boychild wants to do camp but he wants to go camping with his family. He can’t figure out what he wants. He is indecisive. I can relate to him all to well. He is having his birthday party in a couple of weeks and so is Biscuit.  They are both February kids but they like summer activities so this year they both decided to wait until summer to have a party.

Now I end this with a picture!


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