That was anticlimactic…

The 24th came and went, how naive was I to expect answers? Talk about a joke; we stand exactly where we did when the children were placed with us. I’m saddened that these kids cannot be reunified, somewhere deep in my heart I expected them to go home by now. Not because I don’t like them, they’re absolutely wonderful, but because I’m ultra positive and I want the kids to be happy. They’re happy now but I know they’d rather live with their parents or other family members, who wouldnt?!

I’ve started stockpiling for school, in 6 weeks school will be in session. It’s anticipated that the kids will still be with us, I’m both happy and sad at the same time. I will happily love them until they’re reunited, pffft who am I kidding? I’ll love them forever. Oh, my, gosh. School is starting in 6 weeks!!! Panic. School clothes, school shoes, school supplies, school!! Aaaah. Let’s see, I’ll have a 7th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, Kindergartner, and a Pre K student. Wow.

Let’s talk cheer, you know that my girls love cheering with Universal Sonics in Lake Havasu…Cheer is life to these kids. Well, Biscuit recently tried out for a 4.2 team and holy hello that’s all I hear about. Biscuit. Wants. It. Bad. So badly she pesters her coaches, asks to attend practices, and talks my ear off. I love that she is interested and I love that she has her own voice and fights for what she wants, it’s a proud mama moment, but sadly I don’t think she will make that team. It’s a higher flying position, Biscuit isn’t skilled in level 4 flying…I hate to see her let down but she feels pretty confident. I’ll let her be happy and optimistic, I’ll tell her she’s foing great (she is!), and pump her up. I want her to fight for the things that she wants and I want her to be successful in everything! Keep at it, girl! Bunny is excited to be on her team, she wants to work on her tumbling, she is happy go lucky as usual. Both of them are so great, I’m so proud of them and love to watch them. Lemon wants to be a cheerleader, She’s still too young. I bought her practice wear like her sisters and she is going to be over the moon once she sees her Sonics top!

Bells and Shy are loving summer camp! They love the activities and crafty stuff. I enjoy hearing about their days and seeing all their stuff. Speaking of camps…Biscuit just returned from Woodward West for cheer camp! She was gone for a week and had a stellar time. Boy Child should be going to MX camp the next month, a whole week away from us. He will love it, a week in Prescott with his dirt bike and the Lord. Yes, you heard right! It’s a Christian MX camp…I couldn’t be happier!

My boys, Shy and Boychild are currently grounded for disobeying me. Shy is doing a wonderful job at doing extra chores to shorten his groundation. I’m really proud of him for taking his punishment like a champ and taking the initiative to do something about it. He really isn’t liking the whole ordeal. Boychild, ugh, I love him something fierce but that kid is a pain in my butt. You see, he wants to do what Shy is doing by doing extra chores and shortening the 3 day no electronics ban for them. Bless his heart but he is clueless. He wants to do good but he is lazy and wants to do easy stuff if do things half assed. He cleaned his room by stuffing everything behind dressers, in the  losets, etc. So, in the time it took him to clean his room, properly, Shy had successfully completed 4 small tasks that I had assigned. I love that he looks up to Shy and hopefully he can learn a thing or ten from him.

All in all, I’ve been feeling really proud of all of my kids, all 6 of them. I feel really loved and supported by Husband and very appreciated. I have been working quite a bit, I’ve been volunteering 4 times a week, I’ve made sure to plan fin family activities, I’ve been parenting (my fav!), and I’ve even put aside some me time! Things are going swimmingly…I know what I’m missing. I need to get my booty to church on Sundays! Summer has been hectic, I know that’s not an excuse. With 6 kids, work, fundraising, camps, summer activities, and down time I’ve just been busy. Yikes. When I type that I feel terrible. I should rectify this.







1 thought on “That was anticlimactic…”

  1. So proud of you Brina, you are doing a fantastic job with raising your children and the children the Lord has sent you to be responsible for, to love and to care for. Always put the Lord first and He will continue to greatly bless you and your family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing children that don’t have a good family life for whatever reason that they are loved. Children want love the most, the security of a stable home. God bless you and I love you!


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