The 24th can’t come soon enough

I’m hoping for some good news, I’m really pushing for reunification with Bells and Shy! Realistically, it looks like they’ll be here for the long haul. But, I’m optimistic and I’m going to continue to look on the bright side. They have some really swell family members and they are loved by so many, I love to see that they have a great group of people looking out for them.

I learned something new today, about kinship foster care. If you are looking to get licensed as kinship there are waivers that can be used in your favor. Say, you don’t have enough space in your home for 3 girls and 1 boy because you live in a two bedroom home (in the state of Arizona boys and girls are required to have seperate bedrooms after age 5 or 6) but if you’re kin you can request a waiver and it can possibly be overlooked by the homestudy. That’s great! THAT means more kids can be reunited with their families even if they couldn’t pass a traditional homestudy.

In other news; a blogger friend recently posted about adoption goals. I’m going to going to follow her lead… Husband and I are definitely interested in adopting older children someday. Preferably a sibset (or just one, whatever works) between the ages on 6-11, any race, any sex, we’re pretty open. Heck, maybe even a little younger or older. Obviously, we want children who will not harm our family or have extreme behaviors. In the meantime, we will foster and help kids get back to their homes. Perhaps somewhere along the way we will have a chance to adopt via foster care (a placement or one of those red file things) or through a photolisting. Although I’ve heard that often the children on photolistings or Wednesdays Child are ‘damaged goods’ and photolistings are their last resort. I have heard a few success stories but it seems to be rare. Do any of my readers have any success stories? Please share!

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