Things have been quite busy here; I’ve got Bunny and Biscuit in cheer, Boychild is on a swim team, Bells and Shy will be starting summer camp soon, and Lemon will be starting this prek program next week. Having 6 kids and running around to classes is tough! Not to mention all the visits from foster care agencies, behavioral health agencies, department of children’s safety  (or whatever the heck they’re called now…it used to be simply CPS) and other random government officials. Oh, and all of the extra doctors visits, dentists appointments, and eye care appointments.

Mama needs a cocktail. When does school start again?!

Biscuit is going to summer camp away from home, this will be her first time. A whole week with her cheer friends…alone! I’m anxious because that’s a long time to be away from my daughter but I know she is excited and beyond ready. Aaarg, this whole junior high thing has got me in a tizzy. My baby, my first born, is growing up. This season Biscuit is on two cheer teams, a level 1 team and a level 2 team, she is excited. I am too, with 4 days a week at the gym that doesn’t leave too much time to screw off with friends and get into trouble. Bunny is on one team and excited none the less, she hope next year to be like her big sis and cross over onto another team. Lemon thinks she is a cheerleader, we let her believe it.

Bell and Shy are doing well, Shy has been asking more and more questions about the situation and is looking forward to meeting with the case worker at the end of the month. I’m typically honest with him, I tell him what I know and let him know when we can expect more answers.  Bells is doing outstanding and has requested to live with us forever; while it is amazing that she loves us, I try to remind her that she has a family that loves her very much and no matter what happens she can always call me or come visit.

Husband has been working a lot, in fact he has some traveling to do next week. I get the bed to myself…woooowho! I’m going to eat in bed, I’m so naughty! I need a pedicure but I’ve lost all of my alone time since school has let out. Once school is back in session I should have some free time to pamper myself.

That sums it up!

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