No news is good news, right?

Bells and Shy have been doing wonderfully. I’ve gotten summer activities set up for them as well as activities for my kids. The most shocking thing; I may have a couple of hours a week to myself. Hallelujah! The kids are going to have a great summer, Boy child is going to be excited because I didn’t think I could send him to summer camp this year due to scheduling conflicts but everything looks great now! I’m going to wait a few weeks before I tell him as he’s been having some behavioral issues.

Cheer tryouts are next week! All of my Lake Havasu City locals who are reading should REALLY consider taking your boys and girls to Universal Gymnastics and Cheer and try out! Seriously, the kids love it, honestly I love it too. I love the feeling of belonging, I love support and commitment from the kids, the parents, and the coaches. It’s truly an amazing place and a great establishment to be a part of. I have met some extraordinary athletes, some of the most outstanding parents, and definitely the most dedicated coaches I’ve ever come in contact with.

Biscuit is driving me crazy with her, presumably hormonal, mood swings. She is clingy to Husband, she wants extra attention, she wants to be left alone and don’t touch her hair! Stay out of her room, why don’t you hang out with me in my room anymore?

Bunny has decided to lie, curse, and be a total jerk. She has told me twice now, while tattling, ‘Bells said f*uck!’ or ‘Trenton screamed f*uck at me!’ and expected the kids to be in trouble. Unfortunately for Bunny, she is a terrible liar. She is trying to manipulate the kids into doing what she wants, threatening to tell on them for the most heinous crime, then getting busted for swearing and lying. Weirdest thing…we don’t often say the f word, sure I drop the ‘shit’ from time to time and ‘ass’ is common for me. Boychild is back on the lying train too, it kills me because the rule in our house is; if you tell the truth you’re not in trouble (aside from a mini lecture) and if you lie you are undoubtedly losing privileges.

Lemon is a typical toddler, she insists that she is a cheer leader. Gosh, she is messy.

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