This and that

Cheer camp started today, the girls were excited. My time management has been poor today…everywhere I had gone today I was late. Whoopsies! Tomorrow I have three kids who have scheduled appointments at the same time at TWO different places, there I go again with the time management issues. I had Boychild scheduled for weeks and today I had scheduled Bells and Shy dentist appointments and as soon as I had hung up the phone from scheduling the dentist appointments I had received a courtesy call from the pediatrician confirming Boychilds appointment. Double whoopsies. I called Husband and he agreed to help me out tomorrow and take Boychild while I take Bells and Shy. I’m lucky to have a supportive husband AND lucky that his job is flexible so when I do screw up he can help. Let’s hope tomorrow will be better!

Things have been great around here, Bells and Shy have started to settle in. In fact yesterday the kids even fought…the boys ganged up on Bells and hurt her feelings. I know that doesn’t seem like great news but it IS! They’re behaving less like guests and more like a family. I handled the situation and that was that. I’ve noticed that Bells and Shy really enjoy family dinners; they always engage with everyone and definitely talk the most about things there the most. Shy likes to get chatty in the car, he always surprises me with the things he discloses in the car.

Tonight the kids are going to their youth group, it’s the last night and they’re kind of bummed. Biscuit isn’t, she doesn’t go to that youth group and I think her youth group meets up during the summer too. The good news?! PIZZA PARTY! I don’t have to make dinner. YAY! Also, it’s date night.

I’m really pleased with how Husband is parenting with 6 kids; he is really stepping up his game and doing a great time with his time management. He manages to work full time, spend time with each kid, make tim for just him and I, and support us all financially. Oh, and bail me out when I double book. Best. Husband. Ever. I sure hit the jackpot with this guy!

I do have a couple of rants, surprise. You know what grinds my gears? Every place I have taken Bells and Shy, whether it be the school to enroll them or medical appointments people always say, loudly, ‘Oh!They’re foster kids! Why didn’t you tell me?’ Seriously? Do you have to alienate my kids? Don’t you think they feel out of place already? Thank you for giving them a label. Jerks. Stop it, just read the damn paper I place on the counter and be understanding, a little more sympathetic. Another thing that has me cranky…well I don’t have time to write about because its time to pick up and drop off kids. Hopefully I will cool off about it and not need to vent.

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