Hi, I’m an over sharer!

I’ve been contacted by several people asking why parts of my blog are gone…well it’s because I’m an over sharer. Yes, I was violating confidentially rules. Whoops. You know I had taken cues from other bloggers making sure to never share the real names of children, disclosing locations, if I ever posted pictures (which I have on my instagram that is private) I protected their identity by placing a cartoony sparkles over their faces, and I though I had done a fine and dandy job. Wah-wah-wah, fail.

True stories of an over sharer. I deleted anything that could tie these kids to their case or their personal items that could identify them. Naturally, I perused over the confidentiality booklet that my licensing agency happily sent me and kablamo! I’m the bad guy. I screwed up. I feel terrible; what if something could have happened?! I could have endangered the foster kids and/or my family. The learning curve is tough around here. The good news? Yeah, there is good news, is that this has given me the opportunity to learn and share what I’ve learned. Stay tuned for a confidentiality post once I delve into it and can simplify this catalog of rules…also, this rule book doesn’t state anything about blogging or social media. Get with the times, foster care division, your people need you.

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