Mama rant

Why on earth would a person promise a child something, something that was very important to a child, and never follow through? You see Biscuit has been saving up money to go to cheer camp in June and has been working her little buns off to come up with her part of the money (she has to pay half, it’s nearly 1k to go.) She was reluctant to ask her bio dad, several months ago, since she never sees nor talks to him but she was desperate to go camp so she mustered up the courage to ask. The money is due on the 15th of May and she hasn’t met her goal yet, she has asked me everyday for the last two months if any mail has come for her. It breaks my heart to see Biscuit disappointed, it makes me angry that I am constantly picking up the pieces where he fails, but it also makes me grateful that I have husband to nurture her and provide a positive, strong, male role model in her life. I am blessed to have this smart, talented, beautiful girl in my life. I value every minute of our time spent together and I do anything and everything I can to nurture her and her development. Obviously, I will pay the remainder so she can attend camp but I’m not going to protect bio dad anymore, I’m going to start telling her the truth. No more, ‘I’m sure he misses you, he’s just very busy right now.” Excuses, nope. It’s time for the truth. I have no idea where he lives, I have no idea what he does with his time, I don’t know where he works, I have no idea why he doesn’t call you. And you know what? I know she will be okay with it. She has a dad, she’s happy with the time and attention she gets from him…besides, if she wants attention from strangers she always has cheer!

6 thoughts on “Mama rant”

  1. Poor Alexis. That’s very unfair for her. It’s unfortunate that people do not follow through on their words.


  2. As a child whose parent did what you’re doing, I want to pat you on the back and give you two thumbs up. My mom tried to cover for my father for years. After a while I got more upset with her for the excuses that I did him. You’re the bedrock of her parental life, being honest with her (without bashing…) Will show her you trust her and think she is old enough to understand the truth of a scrappy situation. You’ll both be better for it. Go Momma!!


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