No news is good news, right?

Bells and Shy have been doing wonderfully. I’ve gotten summer activities set up for them as well as activities for my kids. The most shocking thing; I may have a couple of hours a week to myself. Hallelujah! The kids are going to have a great summer, Boy child is going to be excited because I didn’t think I could send him to summer camp this year due to scheduling conflicts but everything looks great now! I’m going to wait a few weeks before I tell him as he’s been having some behavioral issues.

Cheer tryouts are next week! All of my Lake Havasu City locals who are reading should REALLY consider taking your boys and girls to Universal Gymnastics and Cheer and try out! Seriously, the kids love it, honestly I love it too. I love the feeling of belonging, I love support and commitment from the kids, the parents, and the coaches. It’s truly an amazing place and a great establishment to be a part of. I have met some extraordinary athletes, some of the most outstanding parents, and definitely the most dedicated coaches I’ve ever come in contact with.

Biscuit is driving me crazy with her, presumably hormonal, mood swings. She is clingy to Husband, she wants extra attention, she wants to be left alone and don’t touch her hair! Stay out of her room, why don’t you hang out with me in my room anymore?

Bunny has decided to lie, curse, and be a total jerk. She has told me twice now, while tattling, ‘Bells said f*uck!’ or ‘Trenton screamed f*uck at me!’ and expected the kids to be in trouble. Unfortunately for Bunny, she is a terrible liar. She is trying to manipulate the kids into doing what she wants, threatening to tell on them for the most heinous crime, then getting busted for swearing and lying. Weirdest thing…we don’t often say the f word, sure I drop the ‘shit’ from time to time and ‘ass’ is common for me. Boychild is back on the lying train too, it kills me because the rule in our house is; if you tell the truth you’re not in trouble (aside from a mini lecture) and if you lie you are undoubtedly losing privileges.

Lemon is a typical toddler, she insists that she is a cheer leader. Gosh, she is messy.

Foster care politics

scThings aren’t always rainbows and butterflies, they say that lots of things should happen and they don’t. For example; within 72 hours a mental health provider should contact you or within X days a DCS caseworker should come to your home. Yeah, not so much. These things should happen and I’m calling around to make sure I’m not going to be caught up in the failure of other people issues and no one knows anything. Awesome.

I was told, on Monday, sometime this week that Shy and Bells would have a visit with their family, today is Friday and I’ve still not heard anything from their case worker. I’ll be calling the caseworker as soon as I’m done with this post to see what is actually happening. Communication is poor, that’s not a big surprise. I’m not sure if it’s always like this or if this is a fluke, I’m new.

Yesterday I had a full, crazy, day. I had two kids dentist appointments, a kids doctors appointment, three kids to get to cheer camp, and I had two clients totaling a 10 hour work day. Not to mention all the kids school pick up and drop offs at three different school. I still managed to make dinner, entertain all the kids ‘watch me!’ things, and get everyone tucked in happily. I was exhausted, the house was looking pretty good! All the kids did their chores and completed their homework and tidied up, I was feeling so proud of my little army!

This and that

Cheer camp started today, the girls were excited. My time management has been poor today…everywhere I had gone today I was late. Whoopsies! Tomorrow I have three kids who have scheduled appointments at the same time at TWO different places, there I go again with the time management issues. I had Boychild scheduled for weeks and today I had scheduled Bells and Shy dentist appointments and as soon as I had hung up the phone from scheduling the dentist appointments I had received a courtesy call from the pediatrician confirming Boychilds appointment. Double whoopsies. I called Husband and he agreed to help me out tomorrow and take Boychild while I take Bells and Shy. I’m lucky to have a supportive husband AND lucky that his job is flexible so when I do screw up he can help. Let’s hope tomorrow will be better!

Things have been great around here, Bells and Shy have started to settle in. In fact yesterday the kids even fought…the boys ganged up on Bells and hurt her feelings. I know that doesn’t seem like great news but it IS! They’re behaving less like guests and more like a family. I handled the situation and that was that. I’ve noticed that Bells and Shy really enjoy family dinners; they always engage with everyone and definitely talk the most about things there the most. Shy likes to get chatty in the car, he always surprises me with the things he discloses in the car.

Tonight the kids are going to their youth group, it’s the last night and they’re kind of bummed. Biscuit isn’t, she doesn’t go to that youth group and I think her youth group meets up during the summer too. The good news?! PIZZA PARTY! I don’t have to make dinner. YAY! Also, it’s date night.

I’m really pleased with how Husband is parenting with 6 kids; he is really stepping up his game and doing a great time with his time management. He manages to work full time, spend time with each kid, make tim for just him and I, and support us all financially. Oh, and bail me out when I double book. Best. Husband. Ever. I sure hit the jackpot with this guy!

I do have a couple of rants, surprise. You know what grinds my gears? Every place I have taken Bells and Shy, whether it be the school to enroll them or medical appointments people always say, loudly, ‘Oh!They’re foster kids! Why didn’t you tell me?’ Seriously? Do you have to alienate my kids? Don’t you think they feel out of place already? Thank you for giving them a label. Jerks. Stop it, just read the damn paper I place on the counter and be understanding, a little more sympathetic. Another thing that has me cranky…well I don’t have time to write about because its time to pick up and drop off kids. Hopefully I will cool off about it and not need to vent.

Hi, I’m an over sharer!

I’ve been contacted by several people asking why parts of my blog are gone…well it’s because I’m an over sharer. Yes, I was violating confidentially rules. Whoops. You know I had taken cues from other bloggers making sure to never share the real names of children, disclosing locations, if I ever posted pictures (which I have on my instagram that is private) I protected their identity by placing a cartoony sparkles over their faces, and I though I had done a fine and dandy job. Wah-wah-wah, fail.

True stories of an over sharer. I deleted anything that could tie these kids to their case or their personal items that could identify them. Naturally, I perused over the confidentiality booklet that my licensing agency happily sent me and kablamo! I’m the bad guy. I screwed up. I feel terrible; what if something could have happened?! I could have endangered the foster kids and/or my family. The learning curve is tough around here. The good news? Yeah, there is good news, is that this has given me the opportunity to learn and share what I’ve learned. Stay tuned for a confidentiality post once I delve into it and can simplify this catalog of rules…also, this rule book doesn’t state anything about blogging or social media. Get with the times, foster care division, your people need you.

They’re coming!

The DCS caseworker called to let me know that they’re on their way! I’m excited, scared, anxious, and happy. How can it be that I can feel that wide range of emotions collectively?! All of a sudden I feel ill prepared, what should I be doing right now? Clean? Pace? Make a sandwich? We’re going to be a family of 8 again! I’m still not sure about how long they’ll be here but when the caseworker arrives in about 30 minutes I should have some answers. Just this morning I was being a cotton headed ninnymuggins and now this… this is an epic ride!

Breaking news, God has a sense of humor.

As soon had I had pressed send on that last blog post I received a call from DCS and the caseworker filled me in on what was happening with the two kids from out of the area. ‘Sup God, I know you’re listening. A huge shout out to the Lord this morning, I know I was being a brat…further proof that God is good even if you’re behaving like an ass. In any case, I was told that it’s a pretty good chance that these kids will be coming here. This is the furthest we’ve gotten to a ‘real’ placement. Also, I’ve decided to stop whining, I knew what I was getting into… mostly. I better let Jesus take the wheel but I’m still hoping he drives a Ferrari.

This is getting old.

No kids, y’all. This is discouraging. Maybe Gods like ‘Aaayo, MCM, you aren’t ready fo’ this.’ And me being reluctant to understand what the heck JC and the big guy in the sky are up to, I’m being fussy. I want results now, I want answers. Let’s wait.

Big cheer news, our teams are currently in Florida at The Summit! Wild Card stuff happens today, I am extremely proud of all of our athletes who are there this weekend!

Mama rant

Why on earth would a person promise a child something, something that was very important to a child, and never follow through? You see Biscuit has been saving up money to go to cheer camp in June and has been working her little buns off to come up with her part of the money (she has to pay half, it’s nearly 1k to go.) She was reluctant to ask her bio dad, several months ago, since she never sees nor talks to him but she was desperate to go camp so she mustered up the courage to ask. The money is due on the 15th of May and she hasn’t met her goal yet, she has asked me everyday for the last two months if any mail has come for her. It breaks my heart to see Biscuit disappointed, it makes me angry that I am constantly picking up the pieces where he fails, but it also makes me grateful that I have husband to nurture her and provide a positive, strong, male role model in her life. I am blessed to have this smart, talented, beautiful girl in my life. I value every minute of our time spent together and I do anything and everything I can to nurture her and her development. Obviously, I will pay the remainder so she can attend camp but I’m not going to protect bio dad anymore, I’m going to start telling her the truth. No more, ‘I’m sure he misses you, he’s just very busy right now.” Excuses, nope. It’s time for the truth. I have no idea where he lives, I have no idea what he does with his time, I don’t know where he works, I have no idea why he doesn’t call you. And you know what? I know she will be okay with it. She has a dad, she’s happy with the time and attention she gets from him…besides, if she wants attention from strangers she always has cheer!