We got a call…

We received a call today about a brother and sister who are from out the area, I’m currently waiting on he caseworker to call me and fill in some gaps that the on call person from the agency didn’t know. The girl is 8 and the boy is 10, neglect and substance abuse is the cause for removal. They’re currently trying to find a home for them in their current city… if it fails they’re going to get back to me. Let the wait begin.

2 thoughts on “We got a call…”

  1. How exciting!! Being in limbo can be rough. Would the children change to your local school? The two kiddos who joined our family last week lived about an hour away and so I’m spending four hours a day driving them to their school, plus more drive time for visits, doctor appointments, etc. Soon this will decrease to two hours a day when the county provides morning transportation. Any way, mentioning this in case you want to take that aspect into your decision. Keep us informed!!


    1. The kids would have changed to our local school, we live about 5 hours from where these kids were living. I’m sorry I’m not better about blogging ever day, things get busy around here! I really appreciate your support, really I do. You make me feel less alone in this crazy new world.


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