They’ve come and gone. Back to a family of 6.

The kids are gone, they left us Thursday night. I was sad to see them go but not too much…the kids will still see them at school and I told them that they can come visit anytime. After the kids left we packed up and left Thursday night to San Diego, originally we planned on leaving Friday morning but things just sort of worked out so we left.

We spent a lot of time at the beach, a lot of time at the San Diego State University, and a lot of time with friends. Bunny and her team placed FIRST! And Biscuit and her team placed SECOND. Our gym had a great run, FOUR first place wins, amazing! Not to mention special awards too! I am extremely proud of our Sonics, I cannot wait until next season. The next season starts soon, tryouts are the 18th and 19th of May and right before that we have a 8 day skill prep camp here in town. Oh, and Biscuit will be going to Woodward West with the Sonics in June, in California! The person who deserves an award for best kid brother in the world goes to Boy Child; he sucked it up and took this cheer competition like a champ. Poor kid, he liked looking at the girls but after 2 hours he was done and just wanted to be somewhere else. He powered through 6 hours a day at the arena and I am mega proud of him. Husband wasn’t too keen on it either but he was a champ, he helped take kids from here to there, he packed around bags and coats and whatever teammates asked us to hold, and he fed nearly a whole cheer team of girls when they were hungry. I’ve attached a video from the Anaheim competition and will post a video of the San Diego competition as soon as I get it.

Aaaand, a couple pictures too, because I am one proud mama!


Biscuit and her team hitting it!


First place for Bunny’s team!


Boychild rock and rolling.

When will we get new foster kids? How many will we get? Will they be as great as our first set? The wait begins again…

2 thoughts on “They’ve come and gone. Back to a family of 6.”

  1. Good morning, MCM. I’m super glad your first placement was such a good experience. It’s always bittersweet when kids go home. It’s hard to say goodbye, you wonder about their futures, you wonder if you’ve made an impact, and you wonder what if any contact you’ll have with them going forward. On the other hand, it can feel good for life to return to “normal,” to step off the merry-go-round of “maybes,” and to take joy in a family reuniting.

    Can’t wait to hear about your next placement!

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    1. Things were weird when they had gone home, the family member expressed wanting to adopt one child but asked if I would take the other. Uhm… I told her to contact the case worker but secretly I died on the inside.


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