I’ll take ‘Who Has Two Thumbs and Two New Kids’ for 600, Alec.

Last night Husband and I were blessed with two wonderful children, they’re an absolute joy! D is a female, 12, and incredibly helpful. She is also a friend of my oldest daughter, they attend the same school and are in one of the same classes together. A is 9, and silly! He attends the same school as the other kids but my son, or daughter, didn’t know him previously. The kids are both polite, interesting, and really engage in everything! This is not what I had expected, to be honest I expected a lot of trauma, anger, and hostility. I am overjoyed to be proven wrong! The kids are all getting along well, so far, and I can’t believe it, this is happening! IT’S REAL! It’s taken so long, I feared that this day would never come but LOOK! It did. It happened. It’s real. This is my life. My heart is full.

D & A, (who are siblings, did I mention that?) arrived last night around 5:30pm. My oldest daughter and youngest daughter we’re at a party in Parker, Arizona and I didn’t know when they would be returning. I had been partially hosting a progressive dinner (going to multiple homes for multiple courses of dinner) for the church youth group and had about 20 humans in my house, luckily we wrapped it up minutes before the kids arrived. Lemon was in a foul mood as she hadn’t napped all day and Boy Child was grounded and doing extra chores. I was in the kitchen marinating chicken and prepping dinner and DING DONG! The kids had arrived, they were polite and we showed them their rooms. We gave them a quick tour, told them to make themselves at home and if they needed anything to let us know.

They immediately went to the back yard and played happily on the trampoline for a good 30 minutes. After a while they migrated to the Xbox and played games and then chaos struck again! All of a sudden Biscuit and Bunny we’re home, along with 4 other children and their mother. Kids playing loudly, things being thrown, screaming…you know, the usual. But you know what? The kids didn’t miss a beat, they all said hello to D & A and the kids quickly fell into everything. Chatting and playing, and just being kids. I LOVE THAT ABOUT KIDS. As adults we get hung up an itty bitty things and overanalyze, not kids. Nope. They just play, we have a lot to learn from children. Dinner came a went without an issue and then bedtime was flawless.

This morning, holy crap. I felt like I was herding cats. Everyone needed something. No one could find anything. Fast forward 40 minutes later, it’s all calm and good. I heard Boy Child talking to A in their room, it was absolutely amazing. Boy Child asked about his family and other siblings, he asked about their culture, he asked if he felt safe now, he asked if we did anything different that his family. I had a, silent, proud mama minute. My boy he is compassionate, caring, and inquisitive. I must be doing something right!

I recently found out that an acquaintance of mine was a foster child and later adopted by her foster family, she reached out and I am so grateful! I’m anxious to hear her experiences and input…and bug her for advice when things get hairy, I know they will.

Have a wonderful day, I know I will!

2 thoughts on “I’ll take ‘Who Has Two Thumbs and Two New Kids’ for 600, Alec.”

  1. What a positive start, and good on Boy-child for being so welcoming – asking questions (rather than making assumptions or ignoring differences) shows such empathy and understanding. Best wishes 🙂

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