So many calls!

We have been getting calls non stop from our agency looking to place kids and for respite. What’s respite? That’s pretty much baby sitting another families foster child/children while they attend to personal matters. Respite sucks, in my opinion. Everything is uncertain, in my experience, things have fallen through. Also, if you’re providing respite you get pulled off the call list for a more ‘permanent’ placement. I have decided that respite isn’t for me; it’s such a pain in my butt. I did agree to do respite for 3 days next week but I’m unsure if it will pan out as it’s fallen through so much. I was hoping we’d have a couple of placements to take with us to San Diego next Friday … we will see.

Husband and I missed a call for a 4 month old baby girl one night while we were brushing our teeth and such. I called back 4 minutes later and she had already been placed. FAST. This was not something our training mentioned, how quickly things go. There is no easing your way in, there is no testing the waters, it’s more like sink or swim! I typically roll with the punches very well but when 4 kids need placement one minute then the next minute 2 kids then a new family has 3 the following minute, it just, wild. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. It’s a massive learning curve.

My weekend is going to be busy! My BFF and her family are coming here tonight from Kingman, AZ to spend the night. We have a birthday party on Saturday in town, a birthday party on Sunday in Parker, AZ then we have to rush back home in time to partially host a progressive dinner for our church.

4 thoughts on “So many calls!”

  1. Sink or Swim. That just about sums up foster care right there. At least you’re getting calls, though. It means you’re on the top of their list. I went months with no calls at all … Hope you get a permanent call soon!

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    1. We live in an area where foster parents are scarce and in high demand. I like the idea of being on the top of a list though BUT I’m pretty sure it’s because we’re the only ones available!


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