We are officially licensed as of yesterday, yesterday we had two calls about placements. QUICK! After all of the stuff we had been through during the last year in this journey-I feel relieved.

Lucky for you, I’ll be blogging again. I had to put blogging on a stand still because I just had nothing positive to say about my previous case worker, the other licensing establishment, and the current process. Now that most of that is behind me; I feel I can be positive. We were assigned a great case worker (still with AZCA, oddly enough) who fixed the mess that was left behind for her, I am very grateful for her and I trust her. I feel like a huge burden has been lifted and I feel excited, anxious, and happy.

Friday the girls and I are going to Anaheim for a 2 day cheer competition. This is a big one, I hear it will have over 700 teams! That is a lot of glitter, bows, and enthusiasm. I wasn’t planning on bringing Lemon with me but things have since come up and she will be joining us on our journey. The boy child, will not, does not, cannot come…unless his dad comes then he said ‘fine.’ In a few weeks we will all be traveling (husband and boy child too!) to San Diego for the last cheer competition of the season, it’s another big one.

Boy child had a nasty wreck on his dirt bike about 5 weeks ago, he crashed in soft sand in a wash while had been camping. Apparently when he had crashed, he was flung off, the dirt bike rolled down the hill and smashed him. The kid had two black eyes! He had his protective pants and jersey on, a helmet on, goggles on, a chest protector on… but he still managed to get up, kick it, and get going again. He is such a trouper.

THE END….for now!

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