Where have I been?!

I’ve been around!

Well our home study was completed, many many many maaaaany weeks ago. YAY for that. I had some issues with my licensing agency, we had a serious lack of communication… so I switched. There is, very simply, no reason to have zero communication with your licensing worker or agency for over 12 weeks. NEVER EVER. We were told to wait for an email from OCLR as they were to be setting up or new safety inspection (we had moved) and so we waited, and waited, and waited. My husband made a few attempts to contact AZCA, or licensing agency) and had gotten no response. I then contacted OCLR myself and a very nice woman informed me that none of our paper work had been filed. WHAT!? Great. I sent an email to my licensing worker, no response. I sent an email to the director on AZCA and received an email stating that my message was sent to the manager of the facility we are using. I waited, and waited, and waited. No one responded. I called too for what it’s worth and ended up leaving messages requesting someone, anyone, to return my call which no one has returned it yet.

I sough out other agencies here in Lake Havasu City and the pickin’s are slim! I spoke with a couple of people explaining my situation and eventually received some answers. I filled out a Request of Information and THAT day I received more answers from my new licensing worker than I had in the last 5 months. Now we’re working with HRT, who seem to be quite a smaller establishment BUT they’re attentive and haven’t left me hanging during crucial times. I actually formed a relationship with our licensing worker. I was so irked when the new worker informed me that OCLR was here in town the day before I switched, they only come once a month to our area. Our new house should have been cleared in September but AZCA dropped the ball. I am saddened that we will not have any kids on Christmas, I had been collecting and stockpiling. I can still donate the toys to other families but I am sulking. Unless my new worker is a miracle worker, we will have two empty beds throughout the remainder of the holidays.

January, please hurry.

2 thoughts on “Where have I been?!”

  1. I feel your frustration. Sorry you probably won’t have kiddos for Christmas. Good news is that you will kiddos precisely when you’re supposed to. It will be at just the right time. Maybe not your time, but the right time.

    Don’t lose heart!


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