KID Update

Boy Child was diagnosed with Inattentive ADHD, he started taking meds and HOLY SMOKES I have a different kid. He is doing better in school, from D’s to A’s! His handwriting has improved, his communication has improved, his attitude has changed, and he simply has more fun! I am more proud of him and his accomplishments that I have ever been. I wish I could convey the positivity that has been added to our home; he is simply amazing, he is on point, he finishes homework in 15 minutes, his chores are done, he gets ready independently in the morning without me shouting, seriously…it’s a blessing. This kid is bright, inquisitive, and not even a little bit lazy. He can finally focus and be attentive. In addition, he quit Karate and started Parkour classes. Did I mention how proud of him I am?! So proud we got him a sweet new dirt bike for Christmas! I know he is going to be mega excited! He wanted a KTM but we ended up getting a Kawasaki KLX 110…I know he will be gracious.

Biscuit and Bunny have their first cheer competition next weekend; Bunny could care less but Biscuit is stressed. I know they will both do amazingly!  Biscuit had her eyebrows waxed and now she looks older and is addicted to getting waxed every 3-4 weeks. Lazy kid, she won’t pluck. Also, Biscuit landed her back handspring! That is a major accomplishment for her, she will be having a private lesson with her coach as soon as this first competition is over to perfect it, she REALLY wants to level up next year in cheer, in fact she is hoping to crossover during this season. She is doing outstanding at school, she is in many clubs, and she is a cheer fanatic. Biscuit is really into video making/editing so her big Christmas present is a new Laptop.

Bunny had a birthday, she’s 5! Bunny is grouchy because she isn’t in Kindergarten; all of her friends are and so she thinks the world is ending. She doesn’t want to do cheer next year, she said dance or maybe ballet. She still wants to take tumbling classes though. Bunny has a special Christmas Surprise too! She has a new dirt bike, Yamaha PW 50, it is a custom deal…It has Batman and Frozen graphics.

Lemon, is 90% potty trained. I say 90% because sometimes she pees on me, or the floor, or her clothes on the floor while trying to get them off and go potty, time management comes with the other 10%. She doesn’t wear Pull Ups, except to her Church youth group Wednesdays JUST IN CASE. She will be two at the very end of January, she will no longer be a baby. BOO. She is funny, she is smart, she adores Minnie Mouse. Lemon will be starting a Tiny Tot’s tumbling class next week, I have no idea how that will go. I didn’t really get her a BIG Christmas present…she’s 2.

Me? I’m super. I work. I play. I play. I play. I transport kids to places. You know, typical mom stuff. Husband is good too, he’s hoping to hit the 5 million mark this year in sales and so far it’s looking pretty good! I’m very blessed to have such an outstanding family that’s full of love and appreciation.

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