Adam Walsh and a whole laundry list of things happening

The Adam Walsh background check is the hold up. Yup. That is the thing holding me up at this very moment. Once that clears we will have some type of question/answer time with our caseworker and hopefully our homestudy will be complete. HOPEFULLY. I still don’t think our caseworker likes me, she doesn’t respond to my emails but if Husband send her an email he typically gets a response. It must be because he’s so handsome and charming. I’m blunt and aloof. Naturally, she would like him better.


My older girls, Biscuit and Bunny, are both parts of competitive cheer squads… it is getting REALLY expensive. A couple of weeks ago it was close to $900 for competition uniforms and warm ups. Next month it is $380 for their competition fees in December. Then there will be traveling costs, hotels, food, gas, 6-9 times during the season. Oh, I didn’t mention the $185 a month for they gym for the cheer practices and tumbling class. I literally have no cash for fun stuff…no coffee with the girls, no impromptu trips to Las Vegas, no organic bread this month haha! Kids are expensive. BUT they’re worth it, being on a team sport is teaching Biscuit a lot about dependability, problem solving, and working as a group. Those are all things she needed to work on, as the oldest she always wants to be the leader, she wants to be right, and when she wasn’t she would get huffy and emotional. Bunny is the opposite; she will pretty much go with the flow of anything. She needed to be around peers and develop her own personality as she was starting to behave like Biscuit, bossy.

Boy Child is still slacking, he is a dreamer… he is lazy. He is currently signed up for karate twice a week BUT he rarely attends. What should take him 30 minutes is still taking him an hour…sometimes two! My days are very scheduled, I cannot rearrange my schedule because he chooses to slack off. This is very difficult for both him and I. He wants so desperately to go do fun things but he lacks the responsibility to get things done in a timely manner. Now, I did read something recently about ADHD: Inattentive Type.

Children with the inattentive type of ADHD display these things:

  • Shift from task to task without finishing anything
  • Become easily distracted
  • Miss important details
  • Make careless mistakes in homework and tests
  • Get bored quickly
  • Have trouble getting organized, for example losing homework assignments or keeping the bedroom messy and cluttered
  • Don’t seem to listen when spoken to
  • Daydream
  • Are slow to understand information
  • Have trouble following instructions

I am not typically one to easily jump to conclusions BUT this speaks loudly to me, all of the things listed about could easily be said about Boy Child. My son seems to only pay attention closely when I raise my voice, when I raise my voice he focuses and then understands and computes whatever it is that I’ve asked him or told him. Sometimes I feel like a monster shouting “MAKE YOUR BED, BRUSH YOUR HAIR, EAT BREAKFAST!” But it is the only way to get through to him, if I talk to him like I do any other person “Boy Child, please don’t forget to make your bed, brush your teeth, and have something to eat before 7:40am as we will be leaving to school at that time.” He would get lost and only complete one of the tasks and then feel scared when he left the house because he thinks I will be upset with him because he cannot remember what he was supposed to do. I have tried talking with him and having him repeat, verbatim, everything I had said to him and still he gets lost/confused and then he panics. He feels scared. He doesn’t want to disappoint me so he pulls it all inward and it breaks my heart. That is why I have to shout simple things at him, it helps him understand and it helps me keep him safe. “STAY IN THE DRIVEWAY!” “DON’T TALK TO STRANGERS!” “EAT YOUR SALAD!” “DID YOU FLUSH!?” “PLEASE WEAR A HELMET!” “WHAT HAPPENED IN THE KITCHEN?!” “CAN YOU WATER THE PLANTS?!”  My neighbors must things I am insane. I need to have him evaluated ASAP.

Lemon is a typical 18 month old kid. She tears stuff up, write on things she’s not supposed to, and pee’s in the potty…sometimes. Honestly, my carpet gets more action that the potty. Potty training is difficult with an active household! I believe I have met my match.

Me? I am super. Husband is super. We love each other and communicate wonderfully even during crisis and disagreements. I feel so lucky to have someone who loves me unconditionally and even during times when we just don’t know what will happen, he is still stellar. I absolutely love being supported, loved, and valued even during adversity. I love being loved even during the standard time but our relationship really shines when things get out of control. Both of us need to learn to let it go, to live one day at a time, and let God take care of the rest.


2 thoughts on “Adam Walsh and a whole laundry list of things happening”

  1. We are also waiting on Adam Walsh stuff it is the final step in our process. Doesn’t help we have a couple of States we moved twice before settling here. Praying it doesnt take much longer already been 3 months. Patience is not my best trait.

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