BULLETS. Random information.

  • Both Husband and I got our TB tests today, we get them ‘read’ on Friday.
  • Our physicals are scheduled for Monday.
  • We have officially put in our profile that we are accepting children from ages 0-10.
  • If I have to hear a song from Frozen one more time I will stab my eardrums with a Q-Tip.
  • It is monsoon season and I do not like it. I don’t like storms.
  • I have yet to complete the carpool list for cheer, I suck at being a mom today.
  • My boy child missed karate yesterday, I sucked at being a mom yesterday too.
  • I still do not have an official copy of Lemon’s birth certificate, those clowns in Kingman can blow me.
  • I did, FINALLY, paint my fingernails last night. My toes need help, please send a pedicurist ASAP.
  • Biscuit is being a pain in my butt, being in the 6th grade is tough…apparently. You’re 10 kid, it gets worse.
  • Bunny had an epic meltdown last night because I refused to help her type in her password on the PC as she was being rude to me. I sent her to her room and she proceeded to scream and yell and have this nuclear meltdown. It took everything inside of me (seriously, I was counting to ten, praying, reasoning, etc) not to got go into her room and swat the hell out of her with a flip flop or whatever was close. Luckily; we both survived the incident.
  • I am anxiously awaiting to hear from our caseworker to see whats next.

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