Adoption subsidies in Arizona



I have been reading about subsidies and how they work, it seems a lot of the information is black or white. How come no one wants to talk about this? Is it because no one wants appear in it for the money in the foster care or adoption system? Is it because people are too proud to admit they need help? WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?! Personally, I think this information is crucial!


C’MON, IF MORE PEOPLE KNEW THAT THEY COULD HELP CHILDREN OUT BY GIVING THEM A LOVING ENVIRONMENT WITH FINANCIAL HELP, MORE PEOPLE WOULD DO IT. Honestly, most people who are currently fostering aren’t doing it for the money, sure you get a stipend but you still will have a lot of out of pocket expenses. People who foster do it because they love people, they want to have a positive impact on society, they have a personal drive to help, whatever it may be. Many foster parents adopt a child who has been in their family for a extended time. Yes, the state will financially keep you afloat during the entire adoption, they pay for everything. I mean, why wouldn’t they? You want to love a child, as your own, that someone else didn’t want.


Okay, lets get to the stipend part. Everyone is hush-hush about it, and it’s driving me wild. I have found a few people willing to talk about it but I was informed that it was really taboo to ask about adoption stipends. Uh, why?! How are the newbies like me supposed to understand it? 


In Arizona we have the handy dandy adoption subsidy handbook CLICK HERE to check it out. When you’re all done reading that; lets just hit the high points, shall we?


Special needs isn’t what you think it means, is it? No, special needs children fall into age, race, siblings, and whether or not the child could be placed with his/her family. In addition, to avoid any confusion, legitimate special needs (emotional and behavioral, physical, etc) children get subsidized too. Amazing. What I understand is, everyone could potentially get an adoption subsidy if they were interested in adopting a foster child.


Word on the street is that adoption subsidies are hard to get, but if you educate yourself you can acquire it. Read. Ask questions, even if it is taboo. Ask your caseworker. Ask your fellow foster families and friends. I have been asking and asking, and asking, and most people say that if you are upfront about it during the adoption process things will generally go in your favor.


Don’t let financial burdens scare you from adopting a child via foster care. Again, you WILL have out of pocket expenses BUT an adoption stipend can help you with most major things. In addition, children who are adopted via foster care will have medical and dental insurance (state provided) until their 18th birthday. GET INVOLVED!

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