I did it…I think.

I think I made my deadline. Our caseworker didn’t say anything aside from “Now I have a lot of work to do.” when we had went to the office today. I am still missing Lemons birth certificate because Kingman has a crappy office and I am unable to talk with a human. I  am required to drop my ID copy, the application, and $20 cash in a drop box at the county office and hope for the best. I did it last week and the county returned my application saying my signature didn’t match my ID. Double You Tee Eff?! Uh, my signature has been the same for the last 20 years and through two marriages… UGH! I recopied my ID and resent the paperwork to the Kingman facility, hopefully it will work out with a color copy.


Husband and I have our physicals scheduled for next Monday and out TB tests for tomorrow. That is the last of the things we needed.

We had to send:

  • Physician’s statements for all adult household members
  • Health self-discloses for all adult household members
  • Work history for past 10 years.
  • Mine and Husbands past 10 years of address. Include dates, full address (including zip)
  • Character references, five. Including names, address, phone numbers, how you know them.
  • Court actions for Husband and I, including Name, date, city, state, nature of action and outcome.  This includes divorces and child support. 
  • Arrest records
  • Proof of all income
  • Immunization records
  • Updated registration and insurance for all vehicles.
  • Birth certificate for all members of the family
  • All social security numbers for all of our family members
  • Evacuation plan

There was more but I can’t even figure it out right now. It’s dinner time and I have to set the table. I am grateful that we are SO close…



IN OTHER NEWS, if you do not choose to vaccinate your children you will not be able to foster children under the age of 6 years old.


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