4 days, just 4 days to get all my stuff done.

Oh goody, my case worker is STILL ignoring me. She wanted to schedule a meeting tine to sign all of our papers BUT she doesn’t return my phone calls nor my emails. Both husband and I are available today, I called her and left her message before 8am. I’ve still not heard from her. In addition; I supplemented that voicemail, around 11a.m., with an email requesting a meeting today at 2:15. Still nothing. This is SO easy. Thank you for being supportive and helpful during this time. NOT.


My biggest hang up is Lemon’s birth certificate. I applied for it and now I just have to wait to get in within the next 4 days. We also need to get physicals but honestly, seeing as my caseworker cannot give me the time of day (with the exception of demands to be met within a 10 day period) it makes things difficult. You know what, I bet my deadline INCLUDES weekends…because why not? What could possibly make things harder for us? That. So I bet I have less than 2 days to complete the paperwork.


I am bitchy.

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