Are you ready?!

Back to School Road Sign

School will be starting soon and I am a bit relieved and a bit sad. Bunny was supposed to start Kindergarten and she was to be evaluated this summer while visiting with her bio dad. Instead of doing things that she needed to do he went full Disneyland Dad and completely blew off her education. Why? Because he only had two weeks with her and instead of being a productive parent, a real life parent…you know the ones who make sacrifices, he decided to have fun instead. At what point is fun more important that your childs education, their future? I understand the concept of making memories but as an adult, a parent, we are supposed to make those sacrifices to better our children. 

Bunny is ready for Kindergarten. She has all of the skills that are needed to enter Kindergarten, however, she didn’t make the cut off date and a social evaluation was needed for her to enter Kindergarten early. The school offered them here as a three week course, I was ready to put her in the class but suddenly, out of no where, bio dad decided that he wanted to be a parent. Fine. I obliged, but the girls were just getting started in competitive cheer and attendance is a huge deal. Not to mention that the fees aren’t small on a monthly basis and I am required to pay even if the girls do not attend practices.We had plans to travel and the three week period was agreed upon, and I expected things to be done during that time. 

Bunny will attend preschool again, it will not be helpful to her much but I can’t have he at home doing nothing. She needs a learning environment, a place to grow. I guess it will be more practice… it doesn’t make me any less angry that her bio dad stole something from her. He stole a little piece of her future, a little piece of her heart, and that makes me sad. We had all been telling her she was going to go to Kindergarten this year and now I am trying to explain to her that she isn’t going without throwing bio dad under the bus. I have no idea how I am going to tell her.

In other news; I have a 6th grader and a 2nd grader! Wowza! Whatis this year going to hold? My older kids are always joining clubs and doing activities. I am going to have to get a calendar to write it all down this year, this is the first year where I have all three kids in activities on a weekly basis. The baby doesn’t have anything yet, thank goodness. That buys me a couple of years before I have 4 kids on the calendar. BUT, if we foster soon then I could have 2 more kids on my calendar! WEEEE!! That is exciting! A carload of kids makes me warm and fuzzy on the inside. 


Wild, loud, happy, chaos. *SWOON*


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