Deadlines, my favorite!

I have a deadline with all my foster care paperwork, 9 days from now. Yes, NINE. Otherwise my case will be closed, in good standing, until I can provide all my paperwork at once. Great. A huge shout out to my case worker who has completely disappeared for the last 7 weeks, way to be the glue to our foster adventure. She hadn’t checked in, called, texted, emailed…anything. The last time I had talked to her she was short with me and told me that a homestudy took 40 hours to write. I was like, ‘Uh, okay then” and then nothing…


So when I sent an email two days ago with some paperwork that I had been trying to complete, I was anxious to hear from her. A day passed. I placed a follow up call and left a message. No returned call. Awesome! Yesterday I sent a follow up email and our case worker, and lo and behold, sent an email back with my deadline. Great. I think she hates me.


When we had started our classes to become foster care providers we were told that we had one year from our class “graduation” to become licensed. For a while there things were all goofed up, we weren’t sure if we were moving and if we were we didn’t want to do our homestudy just to have to redo it in another month or two in a new home. In addition; we figured that if we did move it would probably be crappy for us to have to move a child, placed with us, who was already in a tough spot due to be removed from their home just to be moved around more. 


I’m irked that the support system is crappy, my caseworker was supposed to be the glue, the person we counted on, and she’s not present. Again, I feel like we are nuisance to her and that she is pissy because she has to deal with us, like we aren’t serious about our adventure and we are wasting her time. If she gave a rats ass she would have called and checked in to see what we were doing and the like. I’ve been a sitting duck for weeks.


I am irritated. This is, obviously, a vent.

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