October vacation



We are going to Hawaii for 8 days and 7 nights. We have saved for 7 tickets and rent a 4 bedroom beach house for the entire duration. Why 7 tickets? Well, he are anticipating having two additional children who will be living with us. And, Lemon can be a lap seat because I do not want to buy a ticket for her unless I absolutely have to. And if for whatever reason we only have one additional child with us I suppose Lemon can have that seat or perhaps we will save our miles for another trip later. I will work with the details in a couple of months. 

I am blogging because I am SO freaking excited. Every year we let the kids choose where we vacation, Last year Boy child decided Disneyland at Christmas time. Biscuit has chosen Hawaii, this years, and if I play my cards right I can get Bunny’s dream out the way too…she wants to go to the Polar Express here in Arizona. THEN, GUESS WHAT!? Husband and I get to choose the next vacation! Well, if we don’t adopt a child by next year…if we do new kid will get dibs on vacation. THEN we do. Unless we adopt again, haha!

Planning a vacation for a family of 8 is hard!

5 thoughts on “October vacation”

    1. I have a place here in Lake Havasu that I really like because the people are willing to schedule when it is convenient for YOU. Also, the class sizes are often small and the instructor is a retired fireman…which provides some better insight and a relaxed atmosphere.


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