My boy is seven!

My Boy child is officially seven years old, HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!? I love him. Tomorrow we celebrate, he wants to ride his dirt bike, have cake, and open his presents. Naturally I would do anything he wanted for his birthday so his wish has been granted.

He is so caught up in Minecraft it makes me ill; I simply cannot hear about another victory or whatever you want to call it in Minecraft. I’m excited for a day outdoors. I ordered him some new riding pants but they’ll not be here until next week. BOO HISS! Also, he will be graduating to a new, bigger, dirt bike soon and I am really excited about that. Bunny has called dibs on his old dirt bike, she wants new pink plastics though. A few weeks ago we demoed a new 2014 Yamaha 110, Boy child loved the four speed auto clutch and the easy electric start. Hello, push button start?! Yesss!

In any case, he is seven. in a few weeks Biscuit will be 10. My daughter will be 10 years old…I am starting to feel old.

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