Remember when I was left hanging on the vaccination hang up on my last post? There is, in fact, a waiver for non vaccinated children. HOWEVER, you will not be able to foster children under the age of five years old. I call buillshit. I mean, c’mon! I’ll happily vaccinate any child who is property of the state because that is what’s required…but to penalize me for not vaccinating my children? It’s crap. I am a little bit offended, I’ll get over it. I have been unable to get ahold of my licensing agent as she is on leave for the moment because I’d like to ask her IF, and its a huge if, I decided to vaccinate what the rules would be then. What if I selectively vaccinate? What if I start the vaccination process in its entirety… will my chances of getting a younger child in our home still be put on hold until they are completely up to date? Or can I be approved as they start? 

We have all of our paper work in order, we need our physical paper and I am trying to figure out where to get a copy of my marriage certificate in addition to Lemon’s birth certificate. Lemon’s birth certificate was never issued as we had not been married at the time of her birth, they wanted a DNA sample to list Husband as the father but we had to pay a metric butt ton to get the testing done. Now, they have her father listed as ‘Unknown’ and that sorta stinks for Husband. I don’t want to pay for a birth certificate that says that. However we need to hurry this along, there are children that need us! I want to help so badly but I keep getting hung up on stuff. Why does the state have to make my dream so difficult to achieve? 

We are good people, we have passed all of our background checks, and all that jazz. I want to love kids. I want to help our community. I want to be a positive contributor to society. It seems SO far away. I wish this process could be expedited. It’s funny because we were in an expedited class… seems pretty long and drawn out right now.


3 thoughts on “News.”

  1. It’s a violation of your rights to force you to vaccinate your children. There’s also no good reason for them to prevent you from fostering a child under 5. Vaccination doesn’t prevent transmission. There is quite a bit of evidence when it comes to pertussis (whooping cough), for example, that the vaccinated contract the disease but never manifest all of its symptoms. So, they think they have a cough, or bronchitis, and then they transmit the pertussis bacteria. There has been one survey and one study, both done in Europe, that show vaccinated children are sicker than unvaccinated children.
    This is just a stupid rule designed by people who believe pharmaceutical propaganda.


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