Bad mama blogger, reporting for duty.



I. Have. Been. So. Busy.

Holy guacamole, kids are crazy! Tomorrow will be Lemon’s fist Birthday, my youngest will be ONE! Whoa. We gave her birthday presents early…she’s one, she has no concept of birthdays. Today we are celebrating, sidewalk chalk, cupcakes, silly masks, and then we are going out to the dirt bike track…it IS Sunday Funday. Sunday Funday is a family thing, we do fun, family oriented, things on Sundays. It’s a lot of fun and silliness, besides there is a Demo Event (ran by husband) of all the ’14 bikes. FUN! Both the Boy and Biscuit are in the Patriotic and Education of the Constitution club; or something like that. Bunny is excited about Kindergarten next year and also still believes she is The Batman.

I am SO behind on my foster care stuff. Seriously, I need to make copies stat. I need to provide birth certificates for the kids, SSN cards, marriage and divorce decrees, and shot records for the kids. Yeah. You heard me right. SHOT RECORDS. That’s going to be hard considering my kids don’t have any. This is valuable information for parents who will be entering the Foster Care world. I have La doing some research on the topic. I’ve been going the ‘religious route’ so hopefully there is a waiver for foster care too…otherwise I might have to rethink this whole process.

The weather is improving, it’s been in the high seventies all week. I have visions of basking in the sun, margarita in hand, while floating in our pool. BLISS.

5 thoughts on “Bad mama blogger, reporting for duty.”

  1. My daughter and I are at the beginning stages of getting licensed. I appreciate your blog it has been tremendously helpful. Thank you


  2. We don’t vaccinate. One of the reasons we chose not to go the foster/adopt route is that I cannot, in good conscience, put all of the crud that is in the vaccines into a child.


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