A huge update!

We completed our PSMAPP classes.YAY! We have to do a Medication Certification class next week, and done-zo!


Earlier this week we had our family vacation, we went to the Beach, Disneyland, ate all sorts of foods, and met up with friends and family. It was GREAT! We stayed in a suite and even though it was big for a hotel…it just didn’t seem big enough for 6 humans.

Yesterday was Christmas; my kids are spoiled. There was SO much stuff. I couldn’t help but imagine next year with a couple more children…maybe by then even the start of adoption!

We have a Xbox One now and it’s sorta creepy, it watches us and listens to us. I like it too, its nice to have a voice command thing! Also, guess what I am typing on? A NEW COMPUTER. YESSSSS!!! I don’t like blogging much from tablets or laptops but a nice stationary PC…oh yes, that is where it’s at. Needless to say I will be blogging much more regularly; I had been using a fossil before. It ran Vista haha! But the kids had stepped on my laptop and like I had said before blogging from a tablet? Eh, not for me. I like the sound of clicking and the feel of a keyboard beneath my fingers. I am excited.


I am grateful that we had such a great Christmas, we are truly blessed. We spent it with family, friends, and ate comfort food.  In addition; we had our traditional Birthday Party for Jesus. We sang happy birthday and everybody was happy!

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