I was told that  I needed a bed and dresser for each child who would be coming into our home, that’s legitimate. I’ve been out looking for a bed and I simply couldn’t pay $200 for a bed, I am cheap. Seriously, I am cheap. I clip coupons and look for deep discounts. Sure, I could afford to buy new fancy things but WHY!? I’m frugal and I don’t care what anyone thinks.

Boy Child has a huge room it’s 17×25, he wants to share a room with New Kid. I’m cool with that, besides Bunny has a trundle bed and if New Kid is a female then she can bunk with her. Well, let me tell you about the glorious deal I found the other day and St. Vincent DePaul. They were having a 75% off sale and I found a sweet platform bed with 4 drawers and a center cupboard  and I paid $12.50 for it! It is absolutely beautiful! Today I got a new mattress, sheets, and rearranged Boy Child’s room and it is all ready. I even dug out a matching comforter to Boy Child’s bed, it looks amazing!

I am getting more and more anxious about the home study on Monday. Our house is huge, we have stairs, we have a pool, and we have probably a bazillion safety hazards. Ugh. 

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