Last nights class; PS MAPP, yo!

Husband and I attended our PSMAPP class last night, we always meet at Taco Bell 15 minutes before class and have a quick catch up session and take our dinner to class. Class was informative tonight; we were taught about Baby Court and lengths of time children will be in foster care. THIS WAS EXCITING! We have adoption on our agenda, this was very exciting news!

You see, in an ideal world… we want to adopt a little boy. By little I mean 6 or 7 years old, not an infant. We have 3 girls in our house, my son would LOVE a brother. Yes, I know it’s awfully picky. Stop judging me. I SAID IN A PERFECT WORLD. Hey, I am allowed to want things and I should not feel guilty for know what my family needs; my son couldn’t handle yet another sister running havoc on his life and ganging up on him. I want my boy to do boy stuff and get in trouble for accidentally breaking windows while playing baseball…not be yelled at for putting a dress wrong on an American Girl doll. Also, I am TOTALLY open to and infant, male or female.Now that you’re shaking your head at me for being an ass and being all picky-choosy, let’s move on to the good stuff: information.

Baby Court, children under 3 years of age fall into this category. Parents who don’t get their crap together by 6 months will have their parental rights terminated.

All other children have an 18 month time period before their parents parental rights are terminated.

WAIT. I’m not saying that we want that. Clearly we all want the kids to go back to their homes and have a normal life. Sometimes it is best for them to loose their rights, sometimes parents just can’t get their crap together in time. Also, I was told something that I felt was a little shady. If a birth parent asks you “If I sign my rights away to you, will you adopt my child(ren)? All I would want is to see them from time to time.” We are to say “YES.” Even if we do not agree to their terms, we tell them yes. Because if we were to adopt the child(ren) after it is all finalized… we are their legal parent and make choices in their best interest. So, I can say yes and agree to the birth parents request and later, after everything is said and done, I can completely screw them and do whatever I please.

There are two sides to this, I understand it to some degree and completely disagree to it on another. Yes, if a birth parent is quick and willing to sign their child over then obviously they’re in no right mind to parent. I also feel that its shady, why lie? It’s tough for me.

Anyway, I was stoked to learn the ‘time limits.”

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