Our PS MAPP classes are usually on Thursdays, we all agreed that we would be missing this Thursday. This morning the kids went to visit with my parents while Husband and I went out on the side by side in the desert with a group of people. Everyone had either a quad, dirt bike, or side by side. It was a lot of fun and I came home covered in dirt from head to toe! After the desert fun I went and snatched the kids up from my parents house and headed over to Husbands parents house; there were 18 people there! Shortly after we arrived I washed all the kids, washed my self, forced Husband to wash himself and we made it just in time for dinner. IT WAS DELICIOUS! I love, love, love sweet potatoes. All of the food was amazing, I ate in moderation because I knew the drive home was going to suck; I couldn’t dare be in a food coma and attempt to make that trek. Also, I couldn’t even have any celebratory beer or wine! WHAT!? Being responsible sucks sometimes. It’s okay… we are hosting Christmas here and I will have my wine and/or beers and be a happy mama!

I am thankful for love.

I am anxious o get back to our PS MAPP class, next Thursday. I want to be licensed! Our homestudy is December 9th, I am anxious. My Licensing agent said not to worry and to not clean up, she wants to see how we live. It’s okay to have dishes and laundry. WHEW. I was prepared to ave a cleaning crew come through and scrub the baseboards.

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