Arizona qualifications for becoming a foster parent

* You can be married, single, gay/lesbian, divorced, or widowed.

* You must be 21.

* You must be a legal resident of Arizona.

* You must pass a criminal background check.

As long as you are not a registered sex offender and you have not been convicted of the following:

1. Sexual abuse of a vulnerable adult.

2. Incest.

3. First or second degree murder.

4. Sexual assault.

5. Sexual exploitation of a minor.

6. Sexual exploitation of a vulnerable adult.

If I were you I would call (602) 223-2279 right now and request a level one fingerprint packet, once you get it take it to the sheriff’s office or police station and have them fingerprint you and mail it off. It costs 67 bucks, this takes a while to process.

Can you handle all of those things? Yeah? Cool. I’ll post a link at the end of this post with the link to get you in the mix of a few of the licensing agencies locally.

You can now attend a orientation meeting. Well, more than likely you will get a calls from several licensing agenicies because, remember they get paid to recruit you, and then you choose! Remember you can request to meet them or you can ask THEM questions about how they conduct classes, what their personality is like, if they have an expedited class, and the like. If you would like a personal recommendation in Lake Havasu City, Kingman, or Bullhead City, please send me an email and I will refer to someone outstanding!

* Get started with your classes.

* Homestudy/Home safety evaluation.

This is the part where they interview everyone in your family, make sure you’re not psycho, check out the safety of the environment, verify that your fingerprints came back clean, and get a series of references.

When it’s all said and done…


CLICK HERE to provide information and get in the mix with licensing agents.

I am a real person

I have a personal blog, with pictures of my family and myself. With our real names and current things that are happening… however I figured in order to protect privacy of children entering my home and protect myself from some of the stupid things that I say… I should just remain anonymous. I am not against friending anyone in Mohave county, in fact I welcome it! I would LOVE to meet any other foster/adoptive parents in addition to bio parents. If I do friend you don’t blow my cover, mmkay? This blog will be all HIPPA legitimate.


Our PS MAPP classes are usually on Thursdays, we all agreed that we would be missing this Thursday. This morning the kids went to visit with my parents while Husband and I went out on the side by side in the desert with a group of people. Everyone had either a quad, dirt bike, or side by side. It was a lot of fun and I came home covered in dirt from head to toe! After the desert fun I went and snatched the kids up from my parents house and headed over to Husbands parents house; there were 18 people there! Shortly after we arrived I washed all the kids, washed my self, forced Husband to wash himself and we made it just in time for dinner. IT WAS DELICIOUS! I love, love, love sweet potatoes. All of the food was amazing, I ate in moderation because I knew the drive home was going to suck; I couldn’t dare be in a food coma and attempt to make that trek. Also, I couldn’t even have any celebratory beer or wine! WHAT!? Being responsible sucks sometimes. It’s okay… we are hosting Christmas here and I will have my wine and/or beers and be a happy mama!

I am thankful for love.

I am anxious o get back to our PS MAPP class, next Thursday. I want to be licensed! Our homestudy is December 9th, I am anxious. My Licensing agent said not to worry and to not clean up, she wants to see how we live. It’s okay to have dishes and laundry. WHEW. I was prepared to ave a cleaning crew come through and scrub the baseboards.

Foster care in Mohave county, my journey.

I started this blog because I could not find any real life experience blogs about foster care families in my area. I wanted get an inside look at what happens in the beginning and long term happenings. NOTHING. I am here, I will document my journey and give you a heads up for when you are beginning your own journey. Also, my very first piece of advice is to give it a chance. Things that you will be told are worse case scenerios and its NOT always the case. In addition; don’t forget that YOU choose your criteria of children coming into your home.

A little background on me… I’m 32 years old. I have 4 biological children, they are all 3 years apart. My oldest is 9 and my youngest is 10 months old. My husband is a local business owner and we have been married less than a year. We have one biological child together, my other three came from a previous marriage. I have experience in the social and behavioral field (I worked with mentally ill children and adults in group homes and I am very familiar with foster care.) I plan to adopt via foster care. I’m okay with just fostering but ultimately I want another child (or two) to have a forever home with us.

Seeing as I am familiar with programs in my area I decided to go with Arizona’s Children’s Association to get licensed, a previous coworker suggested association as they truly care about the children. Be picky; a lot of these licensing agencies could care less about you or the children… the licensing agents get paid for every person who successfully finishes and becomes a foster parent. Technically you are in charge and don’t get bullied into thinking you only have once choice because you have MANY. Pick someone who makes you feel comfortable, they’re going to be with you during every step of your journey.

My husband and I started our PSMAPP classes four weeks ago; we are so lucky to have a great social worker, La. She is down to earth, she doesn’t use many clinical terms and when she does she breaks it down. It makes her more of a friend than a scary, authority, type person. I like that. Even though I am familiar with all of the terms and acronyms, it really helps me knowing that if I do have a question and I’m not fully understanding that she can explain it without being condescending. Don’t get me wrong, La is professional and informative. She is a magnificent fit for my family.

During the first three classes we were presented with several case studies, about children and why they were placed in foster care. The cases were real but the names and pictures had been changed to protect their identity. Some of the things were horrific to me, I could not imagine why anyone would do these things to a child; it hurt my heart. We had to decide if we could take these children onto our home… because I was emotionally charged I said yes to every child. That is wrong. My family and I had discussed what we could handle and our criteria is limited to say the least. No one older than 9, no sexual behaviors, no mental retardation/medically fragile, no this, no that. I was starting to feel as if I weren’t cut out for this foster care thing.

In the PSMAPP classes they try to scare you off by hitting you with all the terrible things that could happen, before tucking your tail and running off I strongly encourage you to think about your own life first. Has everything been easy in your life? Have you had struggles? Did you overcome them? Did you learn from them? Are YOU generally okay? Stop being a chicken, power through the scary stuff… it is real and you need to know the extreme cases because no matter what YOUR house is way better than what the children have been exposed to. Obviously you’ve decided to take this route because you have a big heart and what to help give a child a good start and to model positive behaviors. In conclusion; suck it up and don’t run off.

It’s true: any moron can foster.

You don’t have to be smart, you don’t have to spell well, and you can suck at long division. The small group that attends PS MAPP class with Husband and I, well, it’s eclectic. There is an old couple who had fostered their grandchildren until their parents were fit to parent and now they have empty nest syndrome. There is a mother/daughter duo, who are dependent upon one another and are very close. Then there is Husband and I, an outspoken know-it-all and a businessman.

You don’t have to be a college graduate, or even a high school graduate.

You don’t have to make boat loads of money. As long as you pay your bills and aren’t in debt up to your eyeballs: you’re legit.

as long as you are a decent human being, even a moron of a human being, you can foster. Do you know how to feed and bathe your self? You can foster! Do you pay your bills on time? You can foster. Do you hit up the grocery store and prepare food? You can foster. Do you have the capability to love? YOU CAN FOSTER.